Enter The Border Run By June 1st 2017 and Save Money!

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Press Release - 5/3/2017 - 

After 9 years of doing things ‘out of the box’ like multiple race courses, a single line 200-boat start, dinghy ocean racing and more, the organizers of the Border Run have come up with something special for their 10-year anniversary in late April, 2018. Like planning and promoting one-year early AND creating a new and unique ‘NO DNF’ two-stage race course.

No DNF’s? - Every ocean race organizer and sailor hates DNF’s.  All that time and money spent NOT to finish a race is frustrating. How do you solve this problem? NASCAR!  really… NASCAR? Using a similar format of NASCAR and the VOR, by having a stage or ‘gate’ in the race course, makes the race more competitive and creates two events in one. This means if you can’t finish the entire race, you will race for a trophy for the first stage of the race, which you can easily finish.

After the last couple of years of the Border Run, DNF’s made up a large part of the fleet. Even in this year’s N2E race, DNF’s were large. To help eliminate the DNF due to light winds, we looked at NASCAR and the VOLVO OCEAN RACE.  Both use a 2 or 3 stage course to keep the racing tight and more competitive. “We came up with our own version of a two stage race to try to eliminate DNF’s.” says Randy Reynolds co-founder of the Border Run.

Sailors on the San Diego Course will race to the first gate along the course. Finish times to the first gate will be recorded and trophies will be awarded to the winners to the first gate. The sailors will continue to race without stopping to the finish line.  Two sets of trophies for one race. If you can’t finish the entire race due to light wind at least you will finish the first stage and winners will get a trophy. That means No DNF’s!

“We hope this new two stage course will make all the effort worth of getting crew and boat together if the wind conditions don’t allow boats to finish the entire race” says Reynolds.

Another factor to get sailors on the water is early promotion. Early entries are a key component to a good event.  It allows the organizers to attract volunteers and sponsors to help create a better event for the sailors. Incentives such as substantial entry discounts and prizes help grow the fleet early.

“With only a week of effort we already have 40 boats entered in next years event.  We hope to have double that or more by the June 1st 2017 deadline for early entries. By starting early, both the sailor and event organizer get plenty of time to prepare and plan for a memorable sailing event.” says Bob Long, co-founder of the Border Run.  

This year organizers are offering the first boats entered before June 1st 2017 early entry discounts and a chance to win a new GPS GLO by Garmin or Border Run Gear. To find out more about the 2018 Border Run new NO DNF race course and to how enter early go to www.TheBorderRun.org or call Bob at 800-366-8584